Thursday, February 22, 2007

New Season back with anger

Well Simon is back and for some reason he is as angry as ever....and I must say I love it. He is ripping everyone that deserves to be ripped and put every guy preformer in his place.

Some observations from first 2 shows;

Chris Sligh you may be funny in your hometown, but that was one of the worst rip jobs I have heard---Did you really rip Simon for Il Divo and Teletubbies???? Lets see, Simon has probably 10 houses on the West Coast and 10 cars in his garage from these two productions alone. You are supposed to rip someone for something they are NOT succesful at.
Awful job and hopefully America sends you home. Classic Simon comeback, although I wish he would have mentioned if those two things are bad things, considering they are multi-million dollar creations.
War or words between Simon/Ryan- I think alot of it is staged and they want that tension, but I think they actually were not happy with each other the male night. Again, I think the producers push that stuf and they will go back and forth all year but, I think Ryan was a little upset with Sweetheart remark. We will see what becomes of it.

Male vs. Female--------Is any male in the top 10 this year. They all looked like lost puppy dogs up there compared to the best women.

My big question is can Melinda Doolittle and Lakisha Jones transfer those power voices to do regular pop songs? When they do the urban/Arthea Franklin songs they are golden, but when Paul Mccartney comes on and they have to sing St. Peppers can they pull it off???

Who I think will be sent home:

1-Sanjay Malakar- Male
2-Paul Kim- Male
3-Antonella Barba- female
4- Leslie Hunt- female

My current Top 5

1-Lakisha Jones (BY FAR SHOULD 1-2 and 3)
2-Melinda Doolittle
3-Sabrina Sloan
4- Stephanie Edwards
5- Gina Glocksen
Not a single male in my Top 5 the females are in a different league right now.