Thursday, May 25, 2006


Enough said. $20 to myself with the second pick in draft(I knew Chris would lose).

$10 to Debbie Santos for Kathy the 4th pick in the draft.

Some great moments this season and we will see you all again next Season.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Simon Line of the night: Simon was on point all night with his commentary. I did like when he said something about Katherine waited for a reaction and just said something like what a surprise when the crowd reacted with boo's. Enough already he is honest and tells it like it is.

RECAP: no need for best and worst no need for laughter time to get to business:

Round 1- HUGE EDGE Taylor. Katherine took the sexy out the one song I really loved that she sang all season. The on the ground dance and the sexy moves while singing it lost a little when she stood up the entire song and sang to 2 large african american men, really made me realize I had no chance. Taylor ROCKED and got the crowd up for the firts time with In the city. Worst jacket and shoes ever but he got the crowd going.

Round 2: Edge Katherine- I still do not love that version of Somewhere over the rainbow, I do not get it, if I am in my car and a song like that came on I would either change the channel or drive into oncoming traffic. BORING but she did show her voice. Taylor came out a little flat with leave on and the song was not great. He still put his twist on it but not a great second song.

Round 3: Edge Taylor- If those were the first singles put out Taylor blows Katherine away in stage presence and just being comfortable. Katerine looked like a Kareokee singer that had to sing a song they did not know for the first time, It looked like she just was not comfortable doing that song. Taylor proved he is worthy of American Idol fame as he was all over that song and looked like a seasoned pro singing a new single. He looked right in the part and did not have that nervousness/not sure look on his face.

MEMO TO AMERICAN IDOL FANTASIA IS GONE LEAVE THE BROOKLYN TABERNACLE CHOIR HOME. I was waiting for Randy to start a praise the lord, holla loula chant in the front row.

Well take a look up top at Taylor's first album cover. I will take my winnings and not bye his record but spend it on Chris/Fuel album out next fall!!!!!!!!!

Prediction Taylor will walk away with AI prize and Simon will eat crow as he did not want to send him to Hollywood. Wow what a blow to the ego Simon.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Final 3 with no Chris

Simon Line of the night: I knew when Ryan intorduced Paula it was going to be a to much pain medication deer in the headlights night for Paula. Simon telling her she did okay for her age, when she danced with Taylor was great. I do not know if I laughed harder at the line or her hug/jump up yelp that confirmed the oxycontin was kicking.

Best Preformance: Based on all 3 preformances I have to go with Taylor. Kathy blew the judges away with somewhere over the rainbow, but her other 2 were awful. I did not think the somewhere over the rainbow was that great either, but everyone can not be wrong, can they. I think Kathy is just going way over the top every song is just to much, every pause she holds the note long and changes the song 30 times in 1 minute. Just not impressed (no I am not bitter she beat Chris dammit not bitter at all).

Worst Preformance: Kathy Mcphee was bad on 2 of 3 songs (I thought all 3 but I am not a professional judge). Lets see the judges have been hard you the last few weeks for what reason? I will give you one guess times up.....Because you have sucked the last few weeks. Producers need a girl in the finals and that is your only ticket.

Should go Home: Mcphee should be home already and did nothing to make me change my mind this week. She is by far the worst of the bottom 3 and should have been home 2-3 weeks ago (or whatever week after Paris was sent home).

Who will go home: Elliot---I have said this all season he has no nitch audience and with my conspriacy theory that the producers want Kathy in the finals, it is time for Elliot to go home. Thank god because it is getting hard not to make fun of his mom, really hard, I have been a good blooger and left her alone and if I have to see her one more week it could get ugly.

Clive Davis is a genius? By far the 3 worst songs were the one's he picked. They sounded bad and the singers struggled to get through them. When did Dionne Warwick become a musical gold mine. Clive discovered her then told her to look into the future, she looked and it told her she can not sing. Weird very Weird. Anyone notice Fuel getting comped front row tickets, that is correct Fuel drummer and guitar player were in the crowd. Was that part of the Chirs buyout front row tickets to the finals....We will see.

Will be a Kathy/Taylor final and Taylor winning it all for me. If you run a pool and do a blog every week at least I can win the damn thing. SOUL PATROL, SOUL PATROL!!!

Friday, May 12, 2006


Can America be any further off then they are this week. It took a couple days to try and see if this was just a joke, but I watched the DVR each night and each time Chris was going home. Can anyone smell a fix....Chris wins there is only 1 person that sells any kind of records. You vote Chris off now he will sell anyway and then the other "winner" will sell also. I guess a rock person will never win this show if Chris can not win. Fuel who have lost there lead singer have for the 2nd time contacted Chris to be there lead singer for there 4th record. Problem being the AI folks have Chris locked up. Will Fuel buy out his contract. Fuel is a popular band already for those in the rock world add Chris and you are looking at millions upon millions of sales. We will see. Anyone not looking forward to next hightlight every week this year no matter how bad the show was going was to see what Chris would sing. He was first rock/alternative rock singer to make it. Yes Bo is rock but he is pop rock or old time southern rock not hard core Seattle Grung/alterative rock. Oh well now I put padding on all my walls and dance like Taylor as I can now officially root for my money. Now we can all say we did not want that first pick in the draft. I got #2 took a chance on Taylor and now can win it ALL!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Simon Line of the night: Simon was using his usual lines of that was a broadway audition/Kareokee preformance blah blah blah....but he spoke for millions and millons americans when he told Paula to SHUT UP! I have been waiting 2 seasons to here that.

Ryan came through with a good one when he said Paula looked like she needed $1 after that dance for Elliot. I had to see if that still worked so I went to Gossips directly after the show and sure enough with enough dollars women will dance for you. I did this just to make sure American Idol was being truthful I mean it is a reality show it needs to be real.

Best Preformance: Elliot was on fire last night. The guy was on the fence and he was like Derek Jeter hitting in the bottom on the ninth down 2 with 2 men on pure clutch preformance. He really is dull and does not blow me away but he really can sing that last preformance of Trouble was one of the best of the season.

Worst Preformance: Katherine- Wow I thought she would make it this week but that was pure torture. What was this the MTV music awards trying to a montage of 2 songs instead of just singing one. Forget the words that sealed the deal she is done.

Should go home: Katherine should 2-3 weeks in a row sub-par preformances. Not enough to last with the talent left.

Who will go home: America has been on fire and it will continue. I think america has found it penisilion and out Mcphever is cured.

Recap: Chris was wearing my boxer briefs what the F (that is what he meant when he told Ryan that right?) With Chris revolation I started to think of some other people and what they wear. Taylor thinking european speedo bannana hamock, Elliot tighty whites,Kathy well we all know she is white granny panties, Kelli-commando (whore), and Mandesa tent....Sorry has been awhile since I threw a Mandesa joke out there. Can Kathy choke anymore, the girl wows every producer during the practice but put her in the game and it is flat notes, forgotten words. Awful. And the award for most plactic surgery of the season goes to Presella Presley Holy shit I think you can use her lips as pillows. Memo to Elliot Ronald Mcdonald called he wants his hair do back, what was that due in graceland he looked like he just got out of a wind tunnel testing facility. Any one else get the idea Tommie Matola wants a new Mariah, man that guy was laying on this with how great a voice and how easy it is for Katherine. Well he will have plenty of time as she will be home preparing for the tour after tonight.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

America is on Fire

Well America, 3 weeks in a row, sends home the right person. First Falsetto Boy Ace sent packing. The girl who is dumber then a box of rocks,Kelli, goes home and now we can getg down to a solid Top 4 of Elliot, Taylor, Chris and Katherine. No more jazz vocals and no more awful extensions. I think the weave department at American Idol was just fired. Next week we are looking at Elliot going home and as I said before do not be suprised when Taylor make it with Chris to the Top 2. The guy is like teflon and you have never heard Ryan say "Taylor you are in the bottom 3 (or 2)."

My prediction without hearing the singers next 2 weeks:

Elliot will be home this time next week. In a battle Kathering will choke and Taylor and Chris will battle it out to the finish to see who is America's idol.

In the Finale Chris will win and will out sell any Idol when his first album comes out. I will stalk him at his record signing at Tower records in the city and be arrested and not be able to do this update next season. I elect my roommate Mike to take over, will not be a PG as mine but will be funny.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Up and Down Night for the top 5

Simon Line of the night: Simon was back on his game last night some good lines. Loved the line after Elliot sang and he said "Interesting choice of lyrics that you want to go home." Think that is a some foreshadowing for vote off.
Also the Rod Stewart innuendo line of the night. "What a wierd night Taylor is on his back and Katherine on her knees, how weird" (insert evil Rod Stewart laugh here)

For the first time 2 people were the worst and the best in the same night:

Best Preformance- Tie Chris first song, Katherine second song. Chris yet again brought the house down with his first song. When he sang at the start, with just the drums, and then again at the end ,with just the drums, I threw my panties (actually boxer briefs) at the screen. Awesome. Katherine with a great preformance, a little sexy, a lot of fun but overall she sang a great song. I probably should have thrown boxer briefs at that moment but I already threw them at Chris.

Worst Preformance- Tie Katherine first song, Chris second song. There was no wardrobe malfunction last night for Katherine. Those belts on her dress should have been around her neck. That was a classic choke job, good for her she got it going in the second half. Chris for the first time could not handle the scream of a rocker. He could barely hold those notes and his voice cracked worse then a fault line in LA. His first preformance was enough, no need to fed ex him any honey and tea Michelle, he will be fine.

Who Should go Home- Paris- from the start to finish, out of the top 5, she has been the worst and she did not wow the audience. First preformance bad, second average. She has been the worst compared to everyone left. She needed to and she did not blow anyone away this week

Who will go home- Elliot- He has no nich audience. I think some of his fan base will think he is safe, and may not vote as hard for him. Paris in the bottom 2 last week and Elliot was not, I think Paris fans will think she is in trouble and vote hard for her.

REVIEW OHHHHH my was that the Taylor that needs a hockey helmet out for that first song. He saved himself, as America was to busy rolling on the floor laughing, to hear him miss every note and worry about getting back on stage in time for his awful fall while I say die move. What are some of these people thinking and why do they not tell them to keep it simple. Also how the f did Taylor get a Beatles song for a current Billboard Top Ten? Weird, weird night. Overall an up and down night, with some great preformances and some average to real bad. We will see who goes home but I think it is a battle between Elliot and Paris to she who had "A Bad Day"