Wednesday, May 03, 2006

America is on Fire

Well America, 3 weeks in a row, sends home the right person. First Falsetto Boy Ace sent packing. The girl who is dumber then a box of rocks,Kelli, goes home and now we can getg down to a solid Top 4 of Elliot, Taylor, Chris and Katherine. No more jazz vocals and no more awful extensions. I think the weave department at American Idol was just fired. Next week we are looking at Elliot going home and as I said before do not be suprised when Taylor make it with Chris to the Top 2. The guy is like teflon and you have never heard Ryan say "Taylor you are in the bottom 3 (or 2)."

My prediction without hearing the singers next 2 weeks:

Elliot will be home this time next week. In a battle Kathering will choke and Taylor and Chris will battle it out to the finish to see who is America's idol.

In the Finale Chris will win and will out sell any Idol when his first album comes out. I will stalk him at his record signing at Tower records in the city and be arrested and not be able to do this update next season. I elect my roommate Mike to take over, will not be a PG as mine but will be funny.


Anonymous said...

Buh Bye Paris ! I love your predictions. You are too funny. I will be sure to visit you in jail. It's the least I can do for my first nephew ! Though I do agree Chris IS a hottie!
Aunt Mo

The Gallaghers said...

Dude, at least throw a "no homo" in there once in a while! It's getting creepy.--Bobby

Steve said...



That will cover me from now on so I can say the not so male stuff and nobody can make fun of me.