Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Simon Line of the night: Simon was on point all night with his commentary. I did like when he said something about Katherine waited for a reaction and just said something like what a surprise when the crowd reacted with boo's. Enough already he is honest and tells it like it is.

RECAP: no need for best and worst no need for laughter time to get to business:

Round 1- HUGE EDGE Taylor. Katherine took the sexy out the one song I really loved that she sang all season. The on the ground dance and the sexy moves while singing it lost a little when she stood up the entire song and sang to 2 large african american men, really made me realize I had no chance. Taylor ROCKED and got the crowd up for the firts time with In the city. Worst jacket and shoes ever but he got the crowd going.

Round 2: Edge Katherine- I still do not love that version of Somewhere over the rainbow, I do not get it, if I am in my car and a song like that came on I would either change the channel or drive into oncoming traffic. BORING but she did show her voice. Taylor came out a little flat with leave on and the song was not great. He still put his twist on it but not a great second song.

Round 3: Edge Taylor- If those were the first singles put out Taylor blows Katherine away in stage presence and just being comfortable. Katerine looked like a Kareokee singer that had to sing a song they did not know for the first time, It looked like she just was not comfortable doing that song. Taylor proved he is worthy of American Idol fame as he was all over that song and looked like a seasoned pro singing a new single. He looked right in the part and did not have that nervousness/not sure look on his face.

MEMO TO AMERICAN IDOL FANTASIA IS GONE LEAVE THE BROOKLYN TABERNACLE CHOIR HOME. I was waiting for Randy to start a praise the lord, holla loula chant in the front row.

Well take a look up top at Taylor's first album cover. I will take my winnings and not bye his record but spend it on Chris/Fuel album out next fall!!!!!!!!!

Prediction Taylor will walk away with AI prize and Simon will eat crow as he did not want to send him to Hollywood. Wow what a blow to the ego Simon.

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