Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Girls are........AWFUL

Just got done watching the girls preform and that was one hour of my life I will not get back.

One note how does anyone watch this show live. I am so tired on one singer sings and lets go to a break. If I did not DVR this it would be torture.

Ryan and Simon spats are classic. Love Simon's Red Carpet line.

Going home: Alexandre Lushington and in a small surprise Amanda Overmeyer. If one of the above are saved Kady Malloy my next choice.

The Boys Are........Alright.

The Best preformance to date:

I did not see the ladies perform (TV malfunction last night, which lead to a 46” flat screen in the living room, so the ladies will look great in HD tonight) yet so this will be half a recap.

Bobby emailed me yesterday and we will have a new drinking game for American Idol.

For every time Randy says “So, check it out” or “check it out” take a sip of your beer. If he does 2 in one review of a performance drink half a beer.

Every time he says Dog poor a little out for the brothers that are not here and then a take a sip.

Time Paula’s rants, if over 1 minute take a sip for every 30 seconds over that 1 minute.

If at any point in the show Paula gets done and you think or say, “you know what she is right” or “you know she really nailed that one”. Immediately call 911 you have alcohol poising and must get your stomach pumped like a baby boy eating birth control pills (LINGERRRR LONGERRRR).

When Simon has a contestant talk back to him, take a drink. If Simon likes a performance take a sip.

Anytime a judge mentions the words pitchy, wrong song choice take a drink.

That should cover it any other additions let me know.

Back to the Show: Well I thought it was a pretty boring show overall. No real male performances jump out except 2. David Hernandez killed it. I did not love his over the top eye brow raising and hand motions little to glamrous for me, but vocally he was on point and really nailed.

David Archelletta continues to amaze. I mean come on possibly one of the most famous John Lennon songs and not an easy song to sing and he blows it out the box dog (pour a little out and take a sip). This kid will be the favorite we are all shocked when he goes home early. I must say in the 4 years I have watched this show this was probably my favorite performance I have seen.

Luke Menard should have had to give in his American Idol card the minute he finished Killer Queen. You sing Freddie Mercury you better practice a lot longer then a week. That is why I liked Michael Johns Bohemian Rhapsody from Hollywood. Freddie is arguable the best Rock voice of all time so the difficulty factor is there.

Thought Simon was a little harsh on Jason Yeager. The entire time I watched it I thought you know what this is not good, but if I was at a wedding and this guy was singing and getting into the song like this, I would do him a solid and get up and do the cabbage patch for him. He is a perfect wedding singer and is not made for American Idol, but there was no need to rip him like that. Thought he was a little over the top, and it looked like he was trying to get him to cry or just lose it.

Going home- Luke Menard and Jason Yeager

Possible vote for worst save: Jason Yeager if that occurs Robbie Carrico is out in first surprise of the year.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Best Ever??????

I have not heard this is the best top 24 we have ever had since well…ummm let me think…oh yeah it was last year at the start of season 6. Enough already with that line Seacrest, it is just not true. How can this be the best when it seems like 4 or 5 of them were not good enough and were cut last season or the season before that? After last nights performances there is no way they can continue to say this is the best group ever….maybe the gayest group ever….I watched the guys last night and then the girls right after and 2-3 of those guys would easily fit in on girl night.
Also did everyone go to the Melinda Doolittle school of niceness? Jason Castro and David Archeleta were taking that I can not believe I am so good thing a little too far it is annoying me already.
Simon was on fire the last 2 nights. He really is the show for me. I said while I was watching it, if he left this show I do not think I would watch anymore. He brings Paula and Randy back to reality (hey Randy enough with the line "I am just keeping it real" when crowd boos). Best line was when Paula said something about doing the show sick or on meds and Simon quietly said something to the effect of well we all know you can perform that way. Classic.

Side note and I will now ruin the show for everyone----Make sure to watch Paula and Simon bang on the desk all night. I was getting so frustrated when they spoke and banged on the desk, I barely heard what they were saying.

My take on last 2 nights:

Best Performances

1- David Archeleta- has been most consistent so far.
2- Asiah Epperson- she is my crush so far this season and enough already about the father. It is an unreal touching story, but time to let performance be the story
3- Jason Castro- liked the guitar playing while singing good stuff.
4- Syeshia Mercado- Most pop type good singer so far
5- Micheal Johns- not sure if Hollywood week Bohemian Rhapsody swayed me but one singer I am rooting for

Worst Performances

1-Danny Noriega- I think my Gaydar hit 11…..(why 10 when we have 11-Spinal tap)
2-Luke Menard- Simon nailed it very forgettable
3- Kristy Lee Cook- Do not care if you are sick step up!
4- Colton Berry- gaydar at at least 8 or 9 on this guy. Oh myyy
5- Garrett Haley- Leif Garret sang better after his accident…I mean right after when he plunged 80 feet off a cliff and could not move.

Going home

Men- Luke Menard and Garrett Haley
Women-Kristy Lee Cook and Amy Davis

Vote for save of the week- Danny Noriega