Thursday, February 21, 2008

Best Ever??????

I have not heard this is the best top 24 we have ever had since well…ummm let me think…oh yeah it was last year at the start of season 6. Enough already with that line Seacrest, it is just not true. How can this be the best when it seems like 4 or 5 of them were not good enough and were cut last season or the season before that? After last nights performances there is no way they can continue to say this is the best group ever….maybe the gayest group ever….I watched the guys last night and then the girls right after and 2-3 of those guys would easily fit in on girl night.
Also did everyone go to the Melinda Doolittle school of niceness? Jason Castro and David Archeleta were taking that I can not believe I am so good thing a little too far it is annoying me already.
Simon was on fire the last 2 nights. He really is the show for me. I said while I was watching it, if he left this show I do not think I would watch anymore. He brings Paula and Randy back to reality (hey Randy enough with the line "I am just keeping it real" when crowd boos). Best line was when Paula said something about doing the show sick or on meds and Simon quietly said something to the effect of well we all know you can perform that way. Classic.

Side note and I will now ruin the show for everyone----Make sure to watch Paula and Simon bang on the desk all night. I was getting so frustrated when they spoke and banged on the desk, I barely heard what they were saying.

My take on last 2 nights:

Best Performances

1- David Archeleta- has been most consistent so far.
2- Asiah Epperson- she is my crush so far this season and enough already about the father. It is an unreal touching story, but time to let performance be the story
3- Jason Castro- liked the guitar playing while singing good stuff.
4- Syeshia Mercado- Most pop type good singer so far
5- Micheal Johns- not sure if Hollywood week Bohemian Rhapsody swayed me but one singer I am rooting for

Worst Performances

1-Danny Noriega- I think my Gaydar hit 11…..(why 10 when we have 11-Spinal tap)
2-Luke Menard- Simon nailed it very forgettable
3- Kristy Lee Cook- Do not care if you are sick step up!
4- Colton Berry- gaydar at at least 8 or 9 on this guy. Oh myyy
5- Garrett Haley- Leif Garret sang better after his accident…I mean right after when he plunged 80 feet off a cliff and could not move.

Going home

Men- Luke Menard and Garrett Haley
Women-Kristy Lee Cook and Amy Davis

Vote for save of the week- Danny Noriega


Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE David Archuleta and the guy with the red bandana who I cannot remember at the moment, but the ones I love never win!!!! He is the cutest sweetest thing. I cannot believe he had vocal paralysis!!! I havent watched the girls yet, so i dont have any feelings on them yet. Chacuzzi needs to go just with his flipping attitude. Simon was right about him and Luke Menard.


The Gallaghers said...

This IS the Simon Cowell show and I think he completely knows it. Nancy gets annoyed with his constant poking of Paula (and then she yells "Oh, Paula, just SHUT UP" at one point.) I told her that's the bit, but Simon is also the most honest of the judges. Randy not bad, but Paula brings nothing to the table, but the train-wreck quality. I don't know what is with the contestants this year, but do they really think it is wise to attack Simon??? I think I was also swayed by "BoRap", because Michael Johns is my strong favorite. I'm not sure what I want going forward: Singers to shape up or more disasters so Simon can shine!!

The Gallaghers said...

David Archuleta??? Good singer, but quite possibly the second most annoying personality this year (Noriega has THAT title hands down!). Also, every time Ryan says "Best top 24 ever", I think "Based on what? How do you quantify that???"

Anonymous said...

Archuleta is adorable!!!! They say it is the best top 24 every year!!!!! Michelle