Friday, May 04, 2007

Team Update:
Chris "JT" Richardson (1st pick) out week 8
Haley Scarnato out week 5 (so close but so far)

Stephanie Edwards (2nd pick) OUT WEEK 2
Brandon Rogers ($5 winner) OUT WEEK 1

Blake Lewis (3rd pick)
Sanjay Malaker 6th person voted out winner

Melinda Doolittle (4th Pick) out week 10
Gina Glocksen out week 4

Laksiha Jones (5th pick) out week 9
Phil Stacey out week 8

Chris Sligh (6th pick) week 3 out
Jordin Sparks

FINAL 4 and only players left, Thanks to Michelle, Geri, Steven and Bobby for the contribution:

Blake Lewis - Jeannie
Jordan Sparks- Debbie

Good luck and money breakdown:
first voted out $5- Winner Geri Wigand (Brandon Rogers)
6th person voted out $10 = Sanjaya Malakar- Jeannie Quinn

2nd place- $15
Winner- $30

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sanjay worth $10

We all expected Sanjay to win the $5 first voted out pool. But he lasted enough to get Jeannie $10 as the 6th person voted out.

The American Idol update has been dormant as I really have not watched all the shows. This Ranger Re-birth have set American Idol as # 2 when it comes to watching shows.

I see Blake Lewis sing I think what is Henrik Lundqvist (ranger goalie) doing to prepare right now. I see Melinda Doolittle sing and I think A- where is her neck and b- black people play hockey(apologies to Imus on this one).

Congrats to Jeannie and I will update the teams below so we all know where we stand.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Teams update

Team Update:

Chris "JT" Richardson (1st pick)
Haley Scarnato out week 5 (so close but so far)

Stephanie Edwards (2nd pick) OUT WEEK 2
Brandon Rogers ($5 winner) OUT WEEK 1

Blake Lewis (3rd pick)
Sanjay Malaker 6th person voted out winner

Steve- Melinda Doolittle (4th Pick)
Gina Glocksen out week 4

Bobby- Laksiha Jones (5th pick)
Phil Stacey

Debbie- Chris Sligh (6th pick) week 3 out.
Jordin Sparks

Good luck and money breakdown:

first voted out $5- Winner Geri Wigand (Brandon Rogers)

6th person voted out $10 = Sanjaya Malakar- Jeannie Quinn
2nd place- $15
Winner- $30

Thursday, March 29, 2007

The year of Sanjaya

I have to give Sanjaya credit this kid is playing America like a fool. He can not sing, he is not hot (at least I do not think he is), he does not have the it factor, he is cringe Television at his best.

This kid is doing exactly what anyone with no talent should do on this show. Make himself the show. He was on the front of the NY Post, he had Ryan saying his name and mocking him at the start of the show. The entire show is what will he do next week. That alone will get him votes. I bet he is getting the votes of people that were hardcore for people that got voted out. You do not think fans of Stephanie Edwards who should still be on show, out of spite, will not vote for Sanjaya. This kid is going far.

Top 5 things he will be on after show:

1- Sanjaya reality show on Bravo---like they need another gay reality show.
2- Sanjaya hair care products on Home shopping network
3- Sanjaya MTV countdown his top 10 videos (George Michael is # 1 every week I do not get it)
4- Sanjaya after dark Playgirl (leave the women and children, especially the children, at home this will be ugly)
5- Sanjaya goes to neverland a Dateline Special (see to catch a predator guy, Chris Hanson, put MJ on the spot. Chris- Michael what is he doing here he is only 17, MJ- ahhh i like him he is a friend. Chris- that is not what this chat log says, is this a picture of your genitals?

I am making the prediction Sanjaya will make the Top 5 this year and from there we are talking about the first joke winner of American idol. He has the support of all of the kids, he has the support of all the people that mock the show. He is like the nerd of all nerds being the champ for a day.

I did predict Chris Sligh would go when I saw the saw last night (again I am not watching on Tuesdays as I have Bowling and Rangers to watch). it is to late and I will not take credit but I did think he was done.

TOP 5:

1- Blake Lewis- he is best guy and I think Melinda and Lakisha are just to similar
2- Melinda Doolittle
3- Lakisha Jones
4- Jordin Sparks- awful song this week but she is good
5- Gina Glocksen- she is hit or miss every week but she is last rocker left.

Monday, March 26, 2007

I have awaken

I did tell Michelle on Wednesday Stepahine was going home. I knew Sanjaya would be in the top 10 and touring the world.

I would like to thank Geri ,and I am sure she would like to thank me for changing the rules and only having to lose $5 this year. She broke ,and will always have the record, for shortest stay on the American idol pool. 2 weeks and 2 vote outs.

I have turned a new leaf and there will be a sub website for all to check while the man the myth the legend stays on the show. I love Sanjaya there I said and I say it proud.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Just got done watching

Due to Rangers push for the playoffs just got done watching show from last night. Quick recap so proof I got the vote off correct:

Best Preformance- Lakisha Jones- She really commanded the stage. Still do not buy she can sell a non soul/r&b song but for one night she was the shining star

Worst Preformance- Sanjay Malakar- Man the hair/the gay tendencie/the awful voice. This guy is the complete opposite of any American Idol. At least Chicken Little last year had a personality.

Who should go home: Sanjay

Who will go home: Brandon Rogers. Man he was awful and missed about every note in book.

Top 5

1- Lakisha takes the bull by the horns
2- Melinda- alright enough with her and Paula love fest.
3- Jordin- Can not go against Simon he says 3 horse race I go with it.
4- Gina- Think she is on outside looking in but she is legit
5- Blake- I must say I actually liked that version, can not do it every week but it was enjoyable.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Teams all set in surprising draft

Will this be the draft we look back and think wow Michelle/Geri and Jeannie really saw something coming or did they just think like last year the favorites will just not win.
The first pick went to Michelle and she went with my favorite instead of the odds on favorite and the teams are as follows in draft order:

We will welcome Robert Gallagher to the mix this year he is a first time Idol watcher and I would like to take credit or blame for same. He read the updates last year and decided to give it a shot. He is hooked like all of us now. Again save this link in favorites and keep coming back.

Want a good website for family movie reviews my uncle has a blog at this address check it out:

Bob just as an FYI first round was a draft and second roung we pick out of a hat.

Michelle- Chris "JT" Richardson (1st pick)
Haley Scarnato ($5 favorite)

Geri- Stephanie Edwards (2nd pick)
Brandon Rogers

Jeannie- Blake Lewis (3rd pick)
Sanjay Malaker ($5 front runner)

Steve- Melinda Doolittle (did not want her but will take favorite with 4th pick)
Gina Glocksen

Bobby- Laksiha Jones (5th pick)
Phil Stacey

Debbie- Chris Sligh (6th pick)
Jordin Sparks

Good luck and money breakdown:

first voted out $5
6th person voted out $10

2nd place- $15
Winner- $30

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Predictions Top 12 Odds of winning

As I stated in email, either the talent this year is real weak or this show is just boring the hell out of me this season. It is like watching a Bar show on Tuesday's when the guys go. Then watching an opera on Wednesday's when the females go. The girls far out weigh (no I am not talking about Melnida and Lakisha, just for thinking that you all will get banned from this website for a week) the boys in talent but all seem to just be power voices ready for the reality show, Grease! Your the one that I want. No real pop talent in the mix.

MY TOP 12 with Odds of winning:

1- Chris "JT" Richardson 5 to 1 (this may be a shocker but I really feel he may be the best pop singer and only real teeny bopper vote this year. I think he will make final 2. I think he is only one that could sell records out of this entire group of singers)

2-Melinda Doolittle 7 to 1 (alright the cute little girl that does not think she is good is getting to old for me already. I just do not see this type of singer selling and gaining the votes to win. She may be best singer but that does not always win.

3-Lakisha Jones 10 to 1 (anyone else see her aunt and mom not moving or dancing for Melinda last night....they tried to be so still and not show they were impressed. I think Melinda and Laksiha will split the Aretha Franklin soul vote which will eventually cost them).

4- Sanja...(back to reality)-Gina Glocksen 20 to 1- Middle America needs a good old white girl to vote for. Gina will rock out and be a mini-version of Chris by singing rock songs which will keep her around.

5 and 6 - Stephanie Edwards and Sabrina Sloan 25 to 1- These 2 are very similar one trying to be Beyonce (Stephanie) and one trying to be Mariah. They are just to similar to win it.

7-Sundance Head 30 to 1- See Gina, he is the male version of Gina.

8-Blake Lewis- 50 to 1- A wannabe Chris Richardson, the beat box will get old as will his act. not going to win.

9- Chris Sligh 75 to 1- Simon will have all the Teletubbies rub his belly when he is voted out.

10-Phil Staey 100 to 1- Not impressed with him last night no chance of winning

11- Brandon Rogers 500 to 1- he deserves to be a back ground singer.

12- Antonella Barba 1 million to 1- She will be in playboy and 13 "unrated" movies before the winner of AI is announced. She is the shocker of all of the Top 12 this season.


Sanjay Malakar and Jared Cotter Male
Haley Scarnato and first shocker of the year Jordin Sparks female

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Catching some ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz's

Just when American Idol is becoming my nightly sleeping aid Simon comes out with the greatest line in AI history. I was rolling when he said, the last part of the last song, is how Paula sounds when she judges. How many times have we all sat there watched the show, heard her speak and think, I can not get those 30 seconds back in my life EVER. She just rambles on and on.

Love the new Randy and the uncomfortable laugh he does when he is about to rip some one. Camera cuts to Randy and he just does this slick holy s** I can not believe I am about to say this to 30 plus million people laugh.

I have to say I do not know if show is just to much in a week (5 HOURS A WEEK COME ON) but, the last 2 shows I was barely keeping my eyes open by 9:00PM saying when will the torture end. Is the talent just not the same anymore? Is is a coincidence that Gina Glockshon and Nick Pedro tried out 2-3 times and finally made it and are now front runners? Is the talent drying up. Will season 7 be American Idol All stars for all the runner ups.

Well the guys stepped up Tuesday but, I must say they must have been awful week 1 as they were still not great in my opinion, although a guy will hit the top 5 this I can not tell you in this sentence, I want to make the suspense kill you (or you can just scroll down to the bottom to see).

Anyone else get a creepy Micheal Jackson vibe with Sanjay the terrorist. He has the whisper voice when with Ryan and that song was just awful. Million dollar question is he the toucher or the touched. Tough call, but I am going toucher.

The ladies again shined, but I was not blown away by any of them this week. They were still better then the guys.

Alright cancel the dedication shoe forever. If I hear one more time from a singer: "My (enter boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/fiance here) is the best. I am not there for them right now and they just are so understanding letting me take this chance of a lifetime."

HEY IDIOT YOU ARE ON A TV SHOW THAT HAS A CHANCE TO MAKE YOU A STAR/A MILLIONAIRE/A POP STAR and all that good stuff, is it really that hard for them to let you go for 6 months. They are not saints for this, they are thinking, wow we can trade this Trailer park home for a new house overlooking the water. We can trade this '75 pinto for a 2007 Ferrari (or a 2007 Hyundai Elantra with all the works, that is for Michelle who can not get past Atlantic Hyundai when she looks for new cars).

Who will be sent home:

1- Sanjay Malakar- enough said about him already- get the amber alerts ready.

2- AJ Tabaldo- we need to get the gay out of the show. That hands over the head dance was killer last night, you go boy.

3-Antonella Barba- female (oh by the way I voted for the first time last night for Antonella and it had nothing to do with her singing,oh Antonella my sweet Antonella how I love thee, anyone for a Jersey shore trip this weekend, just asking)

4- Leslie Hunt- female- do woop your way home.


Top 5

1- Lakisha Jones

2-Melinsda Doolittle

3-Sabrina Sloan

4-Stephanie Edwards

5-drum roll please......Chris "JT" Richardson.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

New Season back with anger

Well Simon is back and for some reason he is as angry as ever....and I must say I love it. He is ripping everyone that deserves to be ripped and put every guy preformer in his place.

Some observations from first 2 shows;

Chris Sligh you may be funny in your hometown, but that was one of the worst rip jobs I have heard---Did you really rip Simon for Il Divo and Teletubbies???? Lets see, Simon has probably 10 houses on the West Coast and 10 cars in his garage from these two productions alone. You are supposed to rip someone for something they are NOT succesful at.
Awful job and hopefully America sends you home. Classic Simon comeback, although I wish he would have mentioned if those two things are bad things, considering they are multi-million dollar creations.
War or words between Simon/Ryan- I think alot of it is staged and they want that tension, but I think they actually were not happy with each other the male night. Again, I think the producers push that stuf and they will go back and forth all year but, I think Ryan was a little upset with Sweetheart remark. We will see what becomes of it.

Male vs. Female--------Is any male in the top 10 this year. They all looked like lost puppy dogs up there compared to the best women.

My big question is can Melinda Doolittle and Lakisha Jones transfer those power voices to do regular pop songs? When they do the urban/Arthea Franklin songs they are golden, but when Paul Mccartney comes on and they have to sing St. Peppers can they pull it off???

Who I think will be sent home:

1-Sanjay Malakar- Male
2-Paul Kim- Male
3-Antonella Barba- female
4- Leslie Hunt- female

My current Top 5

1-Lakisha Jones (BY FAR SHOULD 1-2 and 3)
2-Melinda Doolittle
3-Sabrina Sloan
4- Stephanie Edwards
5- Gina Glocksen
Not a single male in my Top 5 the females are in a different league right now.