Friday, May 04, 2007

Team Update:
Chris "JT" Richardson (1st pick) out week 8
Haley Scarnato out week 5 (so close but so far)

Stephanie Edwards (2nd pick) OUT WEEK 2
Brandon Rogers ($5 winner) OUT WEEK 1

Blake Lewis (3rd pick)
Sanjay Malaker 6th person voted out winner

Melinda Doolittle (4th Pick) out week 10
Gina Glocksen out week 4

Laksiha Jones (5th pick) out week 9
Phil Stacey out week 8

Chris Sligh (6th pick) week 3 out
Jordin Sparks

FINAL 4 and only players left, Thanks to Michelle, Geri, Steven and Bobby for the contribution:

Blake Lewis - Jeannie
Jordan Sparks- Debbie

Good luck and money breakdown:
first voted out $5- Winner Geri Wigand (Brandon Rogers)
6th person voted out $10 = Sanjaya Malakar- Jeannie Quinn

2nd place- $15
Winner- $30

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