Thursday, March 01, 2007

Catching some ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz's

Just when American Idol is becoming my nightly sleeping aid Simon comes out with the greatest line in AI history. I was rolling when he said, the last part of the last song, is how Paula sounds when she judges. How many times have we all sat there watched the show, heard her speak and think, I can not get those 30 seconds back in my life EVER. She just rambles on and on.

Love the new Randy and the uncomfortable laugh he does when he is about to rip some one. Camera cuts to Randy and he just does this slick holy s** I can not believe I am about to say this to 30 plus million people laugh.

I have to say I do not know if show is just to much in a week (5 HOURS A WEEK COME ON) but, the last 2 shows I was barely keeping my eyes open by 9:00PM saying when will the torture end. Is the talent just not the same anymore? Is is a coincidence that Gina Glockshon and Nick Pedro tried out 2-3 times and finally made it and are now front runners? Is the talent drying up. Will season 7 be American Idol All stars for all the runner ups.

Well the guys stepped up Tuesday but, I must say they must have been awful week 1 as they were still not great in my opinion, although a guy will hit the top 5 this I can not tell you in this sentence, I want to make the suspense kill you (or you can just scroll down to the bottom to see).

Anyone else get a creepy Micheal Jackson vibe with Sanjay the terrorist. He has the whisper voice when with Ryan and that song was just awful. Million dollar question is he the toucher or the touched. Tough call, but I am going toucher.

The ladies again shined, but I was not blown away by any of them this week. They were still better then the guys.

Alright cancel the dedication shoe forever. If I hear one more time from a singer: "My (enter boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/fiance here) is the best. I am not there for them right now and they just are so understanding letting me take this chance of a lifetime."

HEY IDIOT YOU ARE ON A TV SHOW THAT HAS A CHANCE TO MAKE YOU A STAR/A MILLIONAIRE/A POP STAR and all that good stuff, is it really that hard for them to let you go for 6 months. They are not saints for this, they are thinking, wow we can trade this Trailer park home for a new house overlooking the water. We can trade this '75 pinto for a 2007 Ferrari (or a 2007 Hyundai Elantra with all the works, that is for Michelle who can not get past Atlantic Hyundai when she looks for new cars).

Who will be sent home:

1- Sanjay Malakar- enough said about him already- get the amber alerts ready.

2- AJ Tabaldo- we need to get the gay out of the show. That hands over the head dance was killer last night, you go boy.

3-Antonella Barba- female (oh by the way I voted for the first time last night for Antonella and it had nothing to do with her singing,oh Antonella my sweet Antonella how I love thee, anyone for a Jersey shore trip this weekend, just asking)

4- Leslie Hunt- female- do woop your way home.


Top 5

1- Lakisha Jones

2-Melinsda Doolittle

3-Sabrina Sloan

4-Stephanie Edwards

5-drum roll please......Chris "JT" Richardson.

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Michelle said...

You know if i ever become a millionaire, i will STILL Love my Entourage, because it is an Entourage. I love AI!!!!!