Thursday, March 29, 2007

The year of Sanjaya

I have to give Sanjaya credit this kid is playing America like a fool. He can not sing, he is not hot (at least I do not think he is), he does not have the it factor, he is cringe Television at his best.

This kid is doing exactly what anyone with no talent should do on this show. Make himself the show. He was on the front of the NY Post, he had Ryan saying his name and mocking him at the start of the show. The entire show is what will he do next week. That alone will get him votes. I bet he is getting the votes of people that were hardcore for people that got voted out. You do not think fans of Stephanie Edwards who should still be on show, out of spite, will not vote for Sanjaya. This kid is going far.

Top 5 things he will be on after show:

1- Sanjaya reality show on Bravo---like they need another gay reality show.
2- Sanjaya hair care products on Home shopping network
3- Sanjaya MTV countdown his top 10 videos (George Michael is # 1 every week I do not get it)
4- Sanjaya after dark Playgirl (leave the women and children, especially the children, at home this will be ugly)
5- Sanjaya goes to neverland a Dateline Special (see to catch a predator guy, Chris Hanson, put MJ on the spot. Chris- Michael what is he doing here he is only 17, MJ- ahhh i like him he is a friend. Chris- that is not what this chat log says, is this a picture of your genitals?

I am making the prediction Sanjaya will make the Top 5 this year and from there we are talking about the first joke winner of American idol. He has the support of all of the kids, he has the support of all the people that mock the show. He is like the nerd of all nerds being the champ for a day.

I did predict Chris Sligh would go when I saw the saw last night (again I am not watching on Tuesdays as I have Bowling and Rangers to watch). it is to late and I will not take credit but I did think he was done.

TOP 5:

1- Blake Lewis- he is best guy and I think Melinda and Lakisha are just to similar
2- Melinda Doolittle
3- Lakisha Jones
4- Jordin Sparks- awful song this week but she is good
5- Gina Glocksen- she is hit or miss every week but she is last rocker left.

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