Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Teams all set in surprising draft

Will this be the draft we look back and think wow Michelle/Geri and Jeannie really saw something coming or did they just think like last year the favorites will just not win.
The first pick went to Michelle and she went with my favorite instead of the odds on favorite and the teams are as follows in draft order:

We will welcome Robert Gallagher to the mix this year he is a first time Idol watcher and I would like to take credit or blame for same. He read the updates last year and decided to give it a shot. He is hooked like all of us now. Again save this link in favorites and keep coming back.

Want a good website for family movie reviews my uncle has a blog at this address check it out:


Bob just as an FYI first round was a draft and second roung we pick out of a hat.

Michelle- Chris "JT" Richardson (1st pick)
Haley Scarnato ($5 favorite)

Geri- Stephanie Edwards (2nd pick)
Brandon Rogers

Jeannie- Blake Lewis (3rd pick)
Sanjay Malaker ($5 front runner)

Steve- Melinda Doolittle (did not want her but will take favorite with 4th pick)
Gina Glocksen

Bobby- Laksiha Jones (5th pick)
Phil Stacey

Debbie- Chris Sligh (6th pick)
Jordin Sparks

Good luck and money breakdown:

first voted out $5
6th person voted out $10

2nd place- $15
Winner- $30


Michelle said...

I am not good at these things!!! Sabrina was going to be my first choice and she got booted!!! After that Melinda was going to be my first choice, but i got her in another pool. So I went with Steven's favorite. He probably did his odds to throw us off the trail and now HE got the best pick!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Steven. I just read some of your classic takes on this show. I was laughing so hard that when Helaine came over to ask me something I couldn't stop laughing!

I highly doubt that you only picked Melinda because you had no other choice. The saying was you had to go with the odds. I definately think that you go for the old lady look even though she is in her 20's. Plus just for an extra attractive enticement-you were drawn in by those puppy brown eyes that say really simon you think I'm good? I was just a back up singer who hid in the backround and it took all my nerve to do this. But, bat bat of they eye lashes-you think I'm good. I am shocked look. The bonus would be you are drawn in by her unique look right? Its all about uniqueness simon says-right. So you must like the neck less (no neck) look....... I know you probably work hard at night to immitate this look. Maybe you could share? All that hoopla about voting for antonella when what the name you tried so hard to keep from coming out of your lips was Melinda... but the you spilled it on Monday. God-you must feel better now!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I do feel good. See vegasodds.com and My little sheepish girl is the frontrunner.

We will see how it all plays out, and I will actually have comments this year and it is not just me and Michelle from pool reading site.


Anonymous said...

I know she is the vegas front runner, but I hope the prize money will be worth all the torture I will give you for picking her. Plus, I hope america catches on to her annoyances!! Then you would get tortured by me and have no $$$$. Hee hee.

Anonymous said...

Ok ok so I did not go for the favortie but like Steven said...the favorites did not win last time. Gina was my 2nd pick but maybe I should of taken her first but I got so nervous....
Deb, I think you are on the money with the Steven/Melinda thing!


May said...

People should read this.