Thursday, March 08, 2007

Predictions Top 12 Odds of winning

As I stated in email, either the talent this year is real weak or this show is just boring the hell out of me this season. It is like watching a Bar show on Tuesday's when the guys go. Then watching an opera on Wednesday's when the females go. The girls far out weigh (no I am not talking about Melnida and Lakisha, just for thinking that you all will get banned from this website for a week) the boys in talent but all seem to just be power voices ready for the reality show, Grease! Your the one that I want. No real pop talent in the mix.

MY TOP 12 with Odds of winning:

1- Chris "JT" Richardson 5 to 1 (this may be a shocker but I really feel he may be the best pop singer and only real teeny bopper vote this year. I think he will make final 2. I think he is only one that could sell records out of this entire group of singers)

2-Melinda Doolittle 7 to 1 (alright the cute little girl that does not think she is good is getting to old for me already. I just do not see this type of singer selling and gaining the votes to win. She may be best singer but that does not always win.

3-Lakisha Jones 10 to 1 (anyone else see her aunt and mom not moving or dancing for Melinda last night....they tried to be so still and not show they were impressed. I think Melinda and Laksiha will split the Aretha Franklin soul vote which will eventually cost them).

4- Sanja...(back to reality)-Gina Glocksen 20 to 1- Middle America needs a good old white girl to vote for. Gina will rock out and be a mini-version of Chris by singing rock songs which will keep her around.

5 and 6 - Stephanie Edwards and Sabrina Sloan 25 to 1- These 2 are very similar one trying to be Beyonce (Stephanie) and one trying to be Mariah. They are just to similar to win it.

7-Sundance Head 30 to 1- See Gina, he is the male version of Gina.

8-Blake Lewis- 50 to 1- A wannabe Chris Richardson, the beat box will get old as will his act. not going to win.

9- Chris Sligh 75 to 1- Simon will have all the Teletubbies rub his belly when he is voted out.

10-Phil Staey 100 to 1- Not impressed with him last night no chance of winning

11- Brandon Rogers 500 to 1- he deserves to be a back ground singer.

12- Antonella Barba 1 million to 1- She will be in playboy and 13 "unrated" movies before the winner of AI is announced. She is the shocker of all of the Top 12 this season.


Sanjay Malakar and Jared Cotter Male
Haley Scarnato and first shocker of the year Jordin Sparks female

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