Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Just got done watching

Due to Rangers push for the playoffs just got done watching show from last night. Quick recap so proof I got the vote off correct:

Best Preformance- Lakisha Jones- She really commanded the stage. Still do not buy she can sell a non soul/r&b song but for one night she was the shining star

Worst Preformance- Sanjay Malakar- Man the hair/the gay tendencie/the awful voice. This guy is the complete opposite of any American Idol. At least Chicken Little last year had a personality.

Who should go home: Sanjay

Who will go home: Brandon Rogers. Man he was awful and missed about every note in book.

Top 5

1- Lakisha takes the bull by the horns
2- Melinda- alright enough with her and Paula love fest.
3- Jordin- Can not go against Simon he says 3 horse race I go with it.
4- Gina- Think she is on outside looking in but she is legit
5- Blake- I must say I actually liked that version, can not do it every week but it was enjoyable.

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