Friday, May 12, 2006


Can America be any further off then they are this week. It took a couple days to try and see if this was just a joke, but I watched the DVR each night and each time Chris was going home. Can anyone smell a fix....Chris wins there is only 1 person that sells any kind of records. You vote Chris off now he will sell anyway and then the other "winner" will sell also. I guess a rock person will never win this show if Chris can not win. Fuel who have lost there lead singer have for the 2nd time contacted Chris to be there lead singer for there 4th record. Problem being the AI folks have Chris locked up. Will Fuel buy out his contract. Fuel is a popular band already for those in the rock world add Chris and you are looking at millions upon millions of sales. We will see. Anyone not looking forward to next hightlight every week this year no matter how bad the show was going was to see what Chris would sing. He was first rock/alternative rock singer to make it. Yes Bo is rock but he is pop rock or old time southern rock not hard core Seattle Grung/alterative rock. Oh well now I put padding on all my walls and dance like Taylor as I can now officially root for my money. Now we can all say we did not want that first pick in the draft. I got #2 took a chance on Taylor and now can win it ALL!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I think all America is shocked. Really too bad. Taylor is too nervous & jerky for me, I can't get past Elliott's teeth and Katherine can't remember words ! WHAT UP WITH THAT. Chris is still an American Idol in my eyes. The only good thing is maybe he will need alot of consoling ( right Michelle ) I smell road trip !
Yes, Steve, you can come consol Chris else will you get your shorts back ???? Maureen

Michelle said...

OK, I am finally back from sunny floriday and this was the most shocking and upsetting thing in all of my AI viewing years. I did not get to see it and thought Doug was playing a cruel joke on me. I almost cried!! I cannot get past it. I am still watching the show, but i am very jaded now. It will not be the same for me this season. I may also be in jail at this time next year for stalking Chris!!! I love him and miss him terribly!!!
BUT after my initial few days of upset i did catch him on some talk shows and he seems to be doing better. I was not really away on business those few days, i was in LA. So yes Chris is doing better.