Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Simon Line of the night: Simon was using his usual lines of that was a broadway audition/Kareokee preformance blah blah blah....but he spoke for millions and millons americans when he told Paula to SHUT UP! I have been waiting 2 seasons to here that.

Ryan came through with a good one when he said Paula looked like she needed $1 after that dance for Elliot. I had to see if that still worked so I went to Gossips directly after the show and sure enough with enough dollars women will dance for you. I did this just to make sure American Idol was being truthful I mean it is a reality show it needs to be real.

Best Preformance: Elliot was on fire last night. The guy was on the fence and he was like Derek Jeter hitting in the bottom on the ninth down 2 with 2 men on pure clutch preformance. He really is dull and does not blow me away but he really can sing that last preformance of Trouble was one of the best of the season.

Worst Preformance: Katherine- Wow I thought she would make it this week but that was pure torture. What was this the MTV music awards trying to a montage of 2 songs instead of just singing one. Forget the words that sealed the deal she is done.

Should go home: Katherine should 2-3 weeks in a row sub-par preformances. Not enough to last with the talent left.

Who will go home: America has been on fire and it will continue. I think america has found it penisilion and out Mcphever is cured.

Recap: Chris was wearing my boxer briefs what the F (that is what he meant when he told Ryan that right?) With Chris revolation I started to think of some other people and what they wear. Taylor thinking european speedo bannana hamock, Elliot tighty whites,Kathy well we all know she is white granny panties, Kelli-commando (whore), and Mandesa tent....Sorry has been awhile since I threw a Mandesa joke out there. Can Kathy choke anymore, the girl wows every producer during the practice but put her in the game and it is flat notes, forgotten words. Awful. And the award for most plactic surgery of the season goes to Presella Presley Holy shit I think you can use her lips as pillows. Memo to Elliot Ronald Mcdonald called he wants his hair do back, what was that due in graceland he looked like he just got out of a wind tunnel testing facility. Any one else get the idea Tommie Matola wants a new Mariah, man that guy was laying on this with how great a voice and how easy it is for Katherine. Well he will have plenty of time as she will be home preparing for the tour after tonight.

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The Gallaghers said...

I wanted to verify the research on the dollar thing. There is some kind of ritual in some parts of the country. I believe it is called a "lap dance" or a "table dance", not sure if that is correct. Apparently, this ritual can be concluded in a chamber of some sort, known as the "champagne room". Unfortunately, I have no first-hand knowledge of these alleged rituals.