Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Final 3 with no Chris

Simon Line of the night: I knew when Ryan intorduced Paula it was going to be a to much pain medication deer in the headlights night for Paula. Simon telling her she did okay for her age, when she danced with Taylor was great. I do not know if I laughed harder at the line or her hug/jump up yelp that confirmed the oxycontin was kicking.

Best Preformance: Based on all 3 preformances I have to go with Taylor. Kathy blew the judges away with somewhere over the rainbow, but her other 2 were awful. I did not think the somewhere over the rainbow was that great either, but everyone can not be wrong, can they. I think Kathy is just going way over the top every song is just to much, every pause she holds the note long and changes the song 30 times in 1 minute. Just not impressed (no I am not bitter she beat Chris dammit not bitter at all).

Worst Preformance: Kathy Mcphee was bad on 2 of 3 songs (I thought all 3 but I am not a professional judge). Lets see the judges have been hard you the last few weeks for what reason? I will give you one guess times up.....Because you have sucked the last few weeks. Producers need a girl in the finals and that is your only ticket.

Should go Home: Mcphee should be home already and did nothing to make me change my mind this week. She is by far the worst of the bottom 3 and should have been home 2-3 weeks ago (or whatever week after Paris was sent home).

Who will go home: Elliot---I have said this all season he has no nitch audience and with my conspriacy theory that the producers want Kathy in the finals, it is time for Elliot to go home. Thank god because it is getting hard not to make fun of his mom, really hard, I have been a good blooger and left her alone and if I have to see her one more week it could get ugly.

Clive Davis is a genius? By far the 3 worst songs were the one's he picked. They sounded bad and the singers struggled to get through them. When did Dionne Warwick become a musical gold mine. Clive discovered her then told her to look into the future, she looked and it told her she can not sing. Weird very Weird. Anyone notice Fuel getting comped front row tickets, that is correct Fuel drummer and guitar player were in the crowd. Was that part of the Chirs buyout front row tickets to the finals....We will see.

Will be a Kathy/Taylor final and Taylor winning it all for me. If you run a pool and do a blog every week at least I can win the damn thing. SOUL PATROL, SOUL PATROL!!!


The Gallaghers said...

Maybe Fuel has caught Katharine McPheever and is now considering HER as their front"man".

Michelle said...

Steven is still in sunny florida and will not be home until the finals, so we will probably not see an update until then. I so missed Chris this week!!!!!