Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Up and Down Night for the top 5

Simon Line of the night: Simon was back on his game last night some good lines. Loved the line after Elliot sang and he said "Interesting choice of lyrics that you want to go home." Think that is a some foreshadowing for vote off.
Also the Rod Stewart innuendo line of the night. "What a wierd night Taylor is on his back and Katherine on her knees, how weird" (insert evil Rod Stewart laugh here)

For the first time 2 people were the worst and the best in the same night:

Best Preformance- Tie Chris first song, Katherine second song. Chris yet again brought the house down with his first song. When he sang at the start, with just the drums, and then again at the end ,with just the drums, I threw my panties (actually boxer briefs) at the screen. Awesome. Katherine with a great preformance, a little sexy, a lot of fun but overall she sang a great song. I probably should have thrown boxer briefs at that moment but I already threw them at Chris.

Worst Preformance- Tie Katherine first song, Chris second song. There was no wardrobe malfunction last night for Katherine. Those belts on her dress should have been around her neck. That was a classic choke job, good for her she got it going in the second half. Chris for the first time could not handle the scream of a rocker. He could barely hold those notes and his voice cracked worse then a fault line in LA. His first preformance was enough, no need to fed ex him any honey and tea Michelle, he will be fine.

Who Should go Home- Paris- from the start to finish, out of the top 5, she has been the worst and she did not wow the audience. First preformance bad, second average. She has been the worst compared to everyone left. She needed to and she did not blow anyone away this week

Who will go home- Elliot- He has no nich audience. I think some of his fan base will think he is safe, and may not vote as hard for him. Paris in the bottom 2 last week and Elliot was not, I think Paris fans will think she is in trouble and vote hard for her.

REVIEW OHHHHH my was that the Taylor that needs a hockey helmet out for that first song. He saved himself, as America was to busy rolling on the floor laughing, to hear him miss every note and worry about getting back on stage in time for his awful fall while I say die move. What are some of these people thinking and why do they not tell them to keep it simple. Also how the f did Taylor get a Beatles song for a current Billboard Top Ten? Weird, weird night. Overall an up and down night, with some great preformances and some average to real bad. We will see who goes home but I think it is a battle between Elliot and Paris to she who had "A Bad Day"


Anonymous said...

Great commentary ! Love the website. Hopefully Paris will go this week. I'll have to be flipping between American Idol & Amazing Race tonight.
Aunt Mo

Anonymous said...

Scuba Steve,

You are still so funny! I love the website. I am going for Chris all the way.

Michelle said...

I loved Chris, raspy, cracking voice and all, he sang the songs 5 TIMES yesterday. He was tired, poor little guy!! As per dialidol.com it is Katharine or Paris leaving this week. It was too close to call. It has to be Paris!!!!

Anonymous said...

STEVE!!!! THIS IS MY FAVORITE! I know I said that about a previous one... but screw that! This one's better!! The image of you throwing your boxer briefs at the T.V is haunting me. I also picture you giggling like a little school girl for Chris. He is hot... I don't blame you! I am sure chris would have loved to catch them in his teeth!!!

-E Dawg (aka Erin)

Steven said...

Catch them in his tooth it would have looked like a used shoe shine rag.... to much detail?