Wednesday, April 26, 2006

America Gets it right

Well the country bumpkin is gone and in 2 weeks Donna H has lost all her players. She had the pretty boy and girl of the season and they are now both gone. Best thing last night was watching 2 of my least favorite singers in the bottom 2. Is America that smart.......Paris should be out the door next, as out of the Top 5 she is nowhere near in the league of Taylor, Elliot, Chris and Katherine. This is looking like a battle until the end and where will the middle america vote now go? I think Taylor will benefit the most from the middle america vote, as he is all about Soul Patrol and they will latch onto to him. Chris is the best and I still think he will win, but I think Taylor is going to be someone to reckon with. He goes back to his crazy dancing and upbeat mannerisms he may steal America's vote. Get out the hockey helmet america it is time for the arm twirling, kicking the air when it should be mic stand Taylor to reappear.

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Michelle said...

WOOHOO, she is gone!!! Hopefully we will get Paris next week. I was so happy to see Katherine and chris as the top 2!!