Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Top 6 Do Not Shine

Simon Line of the night: Simon again is upstaged by Paula Abdul, Oh my she has lost it and I do not think she will find it. The I love you's to Chris the Crying for Elliot man she has gone nuts. I want some of that Paula juice from her Coke cup. If it is not on the market it should be because what ever planet she is on we all need to visit at least once in our life.

Best Performance- Tie- Chris and Elliot. Only 2 that did anything great tonight. Chris with a great rendition of a good song and Elliot really blowing me away with a solid performance.

Worst Performance- Kelli- Man she is like watching a train wreck, you know you should not look but you just have to. Think it is time to send her to the farm and get that IQ test to confirm she really is special. Although she must be affecting America, once she said she was single I looked up Googles top three searches they were 1-Lowest Fares to Midwest 2- Pottery classes 3- How to make a dumb girl mine.

Who should go home- KELLI PICKLER- if she gets through this week I am really worried about this country. She has put on some of the worst performances in American Idol history the last 3 weeks. She has to go home.

Who will go home- I have to think America will wake up. Kelli will go home. I know she has the country vote but they can not keep putting her out there to embarrass herself. They will even know she needs to go home. Anyone that sings a falsetto note reminds me of Ace and for that alone she should go home!

REVIEW: WOW what a tough week except for Elliot and Chris. I did not know Bocelli was blind, I just thought when I looked at his records at Sam Goody, he just really liked looking at his shoes. I think the reason Bocelli sings from the floor is his roadies like to move the furniture around on him for there own sick pleasure.....I just do not get Paris every song she does that stop/jazzy thing that sounds terrible. She will be Fantasia II if she wins, she will not sell any records as religious records (Fantasia) and jazz records (Paris) do not sell. My Mcfever is gone and just in time. Could she be Mandesa II of this season??? No way she is to good to go home. Just tried to figure out if her father was crying last night because of her singing or because of the fact that his daughter will be on every internet site in the world trying to determine if she was going commando last night, that move was real close to causing that dress to come up real high....Mike do we still have last nights show on DVR, just want to know that is all, no other reason.


Scuba Steve said...

haha I ahve to say Steve... is is one of my favorite's! I do not know why! You see now... I love Chris... I think I might marry him someday! (I will share him Michelle). I am going to be like Louie XVI or XV.. or whichever one had all of those goddamn wives! He will be another one on my list! (Steve knows the other 2343284024).
But yeah... Back to A.I. Kelli HAS to go home! and if Chris is in the bottom 3 again, I am setting all of them on fire.

-Erin : ) aka Mrs. D.Wright.

Michelle said...

Steven - you did see her undies, but it was a very quick flash, she had undies on. I felt so bad for her!!!

Erin - you have to fight myself and Debbie Santos for Chris. We LOVE him. He is going to be my next husband after Doug and Nick Lachey. Doug is still first!!!