Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Another Bore Fest

I feel like every week is a replay of the week before. I love the show for it’s moments (usually David Cook and now Michael Johns), but it seems like every week is each singer singing the same way as the week before with a new song.

David Archelleta- Sing with emotion, belt out some good notes.
Brooke White- Strip down a song,play an instrument
Jason Castro- Smoke room acoustic performance, look high as a kite
Syeshia- Typical power R&B song, with some huge notes
Kristy Lee Cook- Look great sing awful
Ramiele- Sing a power song without going for it (she seems scared to go for the big notes, or she just does not have it).
Carly- no idea what she is doing, but she is falling in my book.

David Cook and Michael Johns are the only 2 doing something different each week and it shows. It is not the same old thing. I mean remember Blake Lewis last year, I did not love his music, but he made you want to see what he would do next. I think this year they are all scared to take a chance.

Top Performances:

1- Michael Johns- Could lose the Hugh Hefner tie….what a great song and loved the blues beat/style. He is becoming a dark horse.

2- David Cook- Finally gave credit to all the rockers he stole (I mean borrowed from) and did his own arrangement and it worked.

3- David Archelleta- I really think hate is not a strong enough word (or is it jealousy) for how I feel about this kid. I just do not think he is that good and his style of music stinks. The judges and America love him though and he did sing well last night. It is just not my style.

Worst Performances

1- Kristy Lee Cook- How she did not kill on country night just shows how terrible she is. Randy/Paula and Simon should have been eating the cheese out of her crusty feet. Instead she got oh…you were good.

2- Ramiele- She is just terrible. America please let her go.

3- Carly- The entire time she was up there I was thinking, man that is 3 weeks in a row it looks like I dressed her, then Simon makes her practically cry. Her thighs are as big as mine and I am not exactly Kate Moss.

Simon Line of the Night- I must say I need help on this one. Nothing really stood out for me. He did the typical cruise line performance line but other then ripping Carly for the way she dressed, I thought Simon was real cranky last night and not on point with good one liners.


The Gallaghers said...

Simon was cranky last night. I got the feeling he is not a huge Dolly Parton fan and, like the audience at home, just wanted this thing overwith. I love when his disgust spilled over to trashing the band: "Who's that idiot with the fiddle?". The shock on Randy Jackson's face was priceless. Also, I know Paula is never going anywhere and she is fairly easy on the eyes, but I find her presence to be "nails on a blackboard" week after week and tougher to get through. She is like that drunk chick at the end of the bar: "You know, you're really great. I love you, man."---even when she is sober. Time for Ramiele to be told this isn't a tryout for the high school talent show and sent home. Sweet kid, but enough already!

Anonymous said...

You guys are too funny!!! Steven, the thighs thing about Carly is so funny!!! I cannot stand that girl. Go Michael & David. I hope he is ok!!! I didnt hear the line about the idiot with the fiddle, whose song was it he said it during???


The Gallaghers said...

I believe it was after Brooke's performance. I don't think he actually used the word "idiot", but it was something equally insulting.

The Gallaghers said...

Exact quote: ""I thought all of you looked very odd together as a group, as well, you know, the weird violin player. It did all look a bit strange, someone who's better in the shade". Not as harsh as I remember it, but Randy Jackson was shocked and said "Simon, you are going after our band!" It was a great moment from a night with NO great moments. I think they found that David Cook actually collapsed from total boredom, causing narcilepsy.