Thursday, March 27, 2008

Year They Were Born a Snooze Fest

When Kristy Lee Cook is one of the better performers for a night, you know you are in trouble. The night was a weird night as it seemed like every performer was playing it safe and going back to what got them to this point. Brooke was trying to re-create the smoky piano bar from a couple weeks ago, Castro on the guitar with very little music, Syeshia, AGAIN, with a long drawn out ballad and on down the line.

Top Performances:

1-2 and 3- Michael Johns- To be able to sing any Queen song it is a chore, to do a rock anthem and nail it, he really showed his true talent. He was one of the only risk takers this week and it showed. Hopefully (for my sake) he is back.

4- David Cook- Now, I may get ripped for this, but let take it easy calling this guy Mr. Originality. Every week he is taking the song theme of the week, finding a rock band that took a pop song and made it rock and then singing it in that version. I love the way he is doing it, but he is not Mr. Original. He has found a niche and it will keep him at the top but he is not coming up with all these arrangements.

5- Kristy Lee Cook- Man is she hot……enough said.

How is Ramiele still here? I have not figured out if Kristy Lee Cook is getting the vote or Ramiele is. I mean I felt like going to my room and getting in the fetal position after she was done yelling at me (I mean singing). Holy S, that was one of the worst performances of the season and possibly in AI history.

Simon Line of the Night (I will not go with the obvious animated creatures to Archelletta). It really was not a great line, but I think 30 million watching were thinking the same thing after he said it. Castro gets done and Simon says “Jason you (and some others up there) really need to take this competition more seriously.” Castro looks at him with his just got done smoking 2 bowls of pot from the bong and says “I don’t know why he would say that, I am taking it serious.” He then proceeds to hold up 2 fingers for his number and waves them like he is in the middle of an acid hit and his is starting to trip mannnn. This kid must smoke every night before he gets up there, you have to love it.

I must say though on a side note I like Jason Castro, he is the type you go to a bar in Port Jefferson to eat and he is playing the acoustic guitar playing all your favorites, while you eat some calamari and a burger. He is not an American Idol, but I love that stripped down music.

Chikezi goes home. Should he have gone home, no way Ramiele/Kristy Lee Cook/Syeshia should have gone before him. American did not get it correct. He would not have won, so going home now or in a few weeks does it really matter.


The Gallaghers said...

Excellent commentary. We all missed it last week! LOVE the return of "Simon Line of the Night". I don't know if it's just me, but Paula may cost me a TV! Every time she opens her mouth, I want to throw something. How about the gloves she borrowed from Eliot Spitzer???? You are correct: Chikezie was not winning, anyway, but Ramiele should have gone home.

Anonymous said...

Paula is a complete waste at this point, it is pathetic!!!! - Michelle