Wednesday, March 12, 2008

American Idol Turned On It’s Head

What a night last night by the top 12 and I have to say if we did a draft today you may be looking at an entire top 6 draft picks. I think Ryan was a little over the top last night and I have no idea why. He was stammering all night like he took all of Paula’s pills. I just did not get his over the top excitement and running around the stage. I hope this is just an opening night energy thing.

I am not a huge look at that stage man, when I go to a concert but holy S that stage was sick. I hate the mosh pit thing and the fans right in front, just not needed. I am not there to see how the front row is reacting to a song.

The best performance of the night was by far Chikizee (or how ever you spell it), I loved the Blue Grass start and then transfer into Rock. He really blew it up and I think he may be a slight dark horse.

David Archuleta, WOW, he completely choked on being the favorite to win and to forget words????? You can not forget words once, let alone 2 times. I like him, but I do not feel as confident as I did a week ago. Can he only sing those power solo songs (like he did with Imagine)? This was one of the first times he tried a faster song and he just choked on it. If he has no variety and can only do slow power solo’s he will not win.

1- Chikizee
2- David Cook- no longer a dark horse, he is a favorite to win
3- Brooke White- wow, powerful song and I think the emotion is real. I usually hate the crying thing, but man I hope Brooke is on when I log on today. I think she is on the Gov’t Spitzer section.



This was possibly the worst performance in American Idol History, Simon stole exactly what I was thinking when he said he felt like she was at a Country Fair. I really can not believe she did that song in that arrangement. I had to look away from my TV, I was embarrassed for her.

Who should go home- Kristy Lee Cook
Who will go home- Kristy Lee Cook (if she is saved by vote for then Ramiele will go home).

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Anonymous said...

Those people in the front were so distracting!!!!!!! I hate when they do the sway from side to side, STOP IT!!!!! - Michelle

LOVED DAVID COOK, why did i not pick him in Melissa's pool?? I Have one more pool pick today, so maybe i will get him. LOVED HIM!!!!! - Michelle