Thursday, March 13, 2008

Taco Bell for Jack

Well like I said at the Tower Insurance draft it does not matter how bad your team is you have a chance to get some money back. Jack can now go to Taco Bell and get 2 cheesy gordita cruches and I can join him.

Tower Insurance
David Hernandez $5 winner Jack

Original Pool
David Hernandez $5 winner Steve

Some thoughts about the last 2 nights:

Kristy Lee Cook has support and she will be here for a little while longer. I think she has Sanjaya potential as she is by far the worst person this season and will get all the haters support. We may be looking at her as the 6th person voted out.

LOSE THE PHONE CALL THING!!!! What is this the Jerry Lewis Tele-thon? I am waiting for Seacrest to come on my TV at 3AM drugged up and tired saying show me the board......David Hernandez still voted out. Just awful.

Cross-promotion at it's best/worst....I really hope this promoting fox movies/tv shows is just a one week thing. I like Jim Carrey, but has he lost that crazy guy from living color thing. I think he is just to old to pull that off anymore, he looked like he wanted to do something crazy last night. He just could not pull it off (except for the stupid elephant outfit). Jim oh Jim where are the days of Firemarshall Bill...LET ME SHOW YOU SOMETHING.

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